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Test out a few different levels of fizziness to determine what you enjoy most. Personally I prefer about five pumps (until buzz). The recommended three pumps (until buzz) wasn’t enough.


You don’t have to flavor your entire liter of fizzy water at once. I’ve learned that by using a second bottle for mixing you can have more than one flavor of soda at once.


Don’t blindly follow the directions of the flavors. I like my flavors significantly fizzy and watered down. That means that I use about twice as many pumps as recommended and a quarter of the flavoring. Add a bit of flavoring and taste; rinse and repeat until satisfied.

I’m testing through the flavors. Some are better than I expected, and others are much worse. It probably won’t replace Diet Coke for me. But every other flavor I’ve tasted is better than their canned countertypes1.

Overall, I’m very happy with the carbonator. The fizziness is exactly what I was hoping for. I may have to keep a few lemons and limes in my office for some simple soda water tastiness.

One of the last things to keep track of is the number of pumps I get for each CO2 cartridge and how long it lasts me.

  1. Yes, 'countertypes' seems to be a real word