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Insights for a busy life

The insights are in you!

When I read blogs, I often skim.  It’s not that I don’t value insights, it’s that often I think the best insights come from inside myself.  I hold the same true for you.  Things stick out to me, and when I skim through blogs, little snippets of the other persons opinions and thoughts intrigue me, and inspire me to think for myself.

Insights you remember

I lived in Japan for a couple years.  While I was there, I took notes on everything I learned, and then read my notes, and took notes on them.  The funny thing is, the things that I remembered, weren’t the ones I wrote down, but the ones I lived.  Application and animation are the key to remembering insights.  I still have to go back to my notes to remember the things I “learned” while I was in Japan.

Insights you forget

I don’t mean to write off the value of writing down ideas.  A lot of times, some idea you have will be forgotten if you don’t write it down.  If you don’t tell someone, discuss it, or jot it down, then when you finally have the opportunity to put that idea to action, you won’t have a chance, cause you won’t remember.  But maybe you forget it because it isn’t that important to remember.

Friends who inspire you

I have a number of friends, and a very large family.  Some people in my life-network are uninspiring (maybe even discouraging).  Others however make me wish I was better every time I am around them.  When we discuss ideas, or talk about life goals, I get excited and want to be better.  It’s easy to lose contact with friends, or to stop following people who inspire you.  Try and think of how you can hold on to those people for advice and support.  Involve them in your life and you won’t lose touch.