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Bryce Roberts posted about a service called SeeClickFix:

As with most crowd funding campaigns, these projects can be opened to anyone, anywhere to back. Given the right tools, I think they’d be surprised at the results the creativity and networks of their citizens can produce.
I’m really excited to watch SeeClickFix try and cut through the red tape and constrains of cities around the country and hope to see other city councils move forward with pilots. 

This is very much one of the coolest projects I've seen in the funding community. If you believe in private funding rather than government then 'be the change you want to see in the world'. 

I'm glad that Bryce and his team saw potential in SeeClickFix. This certainly is something awesome.

LearnStack was awarded a $25,000 grant from USTAR North’s Go-To-Market program.

We’re so excited about this that it’s been hard to keep inside since they sent us the acceptance emails.

Six teams received the grant LearnStack was awarded. The USTAR program is helping good teams strengthen their product before going to market or fundraising.

There are opportunities to start a business anywhere in the country. You can find advisors, money, and co-founders wherever you go. There is, however, something special about what is going on here in Utah. The energy is palpable. What Alex Lawrence is doing for Ogden alone is mind blowing.

This state is the best place in the world to start a business.