I wrote a post for the ZAGGBlog about Amazon's new Whispercast service. 

In the 90s, business adoption of computers running Windows was driven heavily by the requirement for Microsoft Office. In order for co-workers to effectively collaborate on documents and files, they needed to use the same software. Apple didn’t have a good answer to Microsoft Office, and we all know how it turned out for them in that era.

The most common response I've received for this post is that Apple has the Configurator.I am aware that tech admins have the Apple Configurator and Remote Desktop tools that attempt to offer this functionality. If the iPad is the dominant device in the market, then Apple Configurator may be the Microsoft Office of this era. If Android devices take off, then it will almost certainly be Amazon's Whispercast.

Up to this point, Apple hasn't shown it takes enterprise IT requests seriously and we'll have to see what they think of education IT requests. More than 70% of the reviews for Apple Configurator on the Mac App Store are 1 star. Maybe Apple has some room for improvement in their solution to a major technological problem.