Salting Your Butter

People have expectations for your products. They want a unique taste. You can’t just give them normal butter.

I lived in Japan for a couple years as an LDS missionary. We had a family that we worked closely with that owned a restaurant; and they served amazing food. 

They served amazing food... like toast.

Toast at home isn’t amazing; in fact, it tastes like toast from home. I asked the owner what made his toast so good:

I salt the butter. People don’t want to eat the toast they eat at home. They expect a more savory and unique experience at a restaurant.

If you’re business is going to make toast, salt the butter.  Because people expect savory experiences from companies, you can’t get away with using regular butter. You don’t need a secret sauce, you just need to give your customer a flavorful experience. Look at apps like Instapaper, or Simplenote!  Look at products like the iPad or Moleskine! They don’t have a secret sauce, they just give you what you need with impecable taste.

Find the salt for your product’s butter.