If we're honest code style (like the famous 'nested else') is silly little problem that we all care way too much about. Objective Clean is a Mac app makes it super easy to fix. My development team decided to take a stab at keeping style rules using the app and we're loving it.

The simple purpose of the app is to set and enforce rules for code style.

On my last team we spent hours every week making each other go back and fix code style faux pas. With Objective Clean my team was able to go through all of the rules (you do it on their site) and make sure we could agree. The app doesn't change your code for you. It simply nudges you in the right direction with either compiler warnings or errors (you decide which). One of our developers went through the code and, thanks to the app, cleaned it all pretty quickly.

I highly recommend the app. It's available in the Mac App Store. But I have 5 promo codes to give away. I'll give it to the first 5 people to email me. You're going to love it.