"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli." - Balancing work and family.

In case you don't know the line here is the video:

As you're leaving for work your wife says: "Don't forget the cannoli!" 

Your work is hard and can take a lot out of you. The end of the day comes, and you're still thinking about work. You rush home, thinking about getting back to work right after you help put the kids to bed. What did you bring home? The gun. What did you forget? The cannoli. 

The gun is your work. It protects your family, right? It puts food on the table, right? 

The cannoli is your family's desert. It's just sugar, right? No one will die without the cannoli, right? 

Make your wife a little happier. Make your children a little happier. Leave your work at work and enjoy the 'sweet' moments at home. Remember to leave the gun, and bring home the cannoli.